f Sweet like mochi

Suzie - 17
Leo, Ravenclaw, B-Positive, check out my about me page for more details.
The Blog
Too many anime fandoms, adventure time, manga, manhwa, indie, alternative, edm, walking dead, supernatural, friends, bo burnham, vocaloids, and cute stuff.
Art, Fine Art, Art history, green tea, noodles, bunnies, corgis, animal crossing street passes

What I Do
Currently Crafting
[finished watercolor + pastel pieces] [90% complete with graphite][sketches] [possibly working with acrylic next]
Currently Reading
[Noblesse] [Ao Haru Ride] [Adventure Time comics]
Currently Watching
[Adventure Time] [비정상회담] [gettin ready for supernatural and walking dead]
Currently Listening to
[Jay Park] [vocaloid] [spotify songs]
[Going to Art school] [dance classes] [playing piano] [walking dogs] [playing animal crossing]

Tumblr Updates/ Status

Status: semi-hiatus

New music! Building up queued posts consistently.
Personal Updates
finished watercolor and pastel pieces, 90% finished with graphite, making loads of drawing sketches


Normally runs 5-15 times daily when on.

I'm going to be unactive for a bit, so i'll have my queue do its thang

Fave art mediums?
- Pencil, charcoal,ink for sketching, watercolor, pastels, and oil for color.

Fave anime/manga genres?
~- Mainly slice of life, shoujo, action, thriller, mystery
Do you post spoilers?
- Yes, but if you need something specific to be tagged, feel free to ask:)
- Hardly ever, but if I do, they shall be tagged as 'nsfw'
Do you play otome games?
- Yep, quite often.

What languages do you know?
- English and Korean fluently, high school ap level French, and limited japanese
Korean/Korean American?
- I'm Korean American, and fluent in Korean.

Sweet like mochi

i think i’m good for practicing with colored pencils, but i’ll probably come back to finish this after i finish my actual colored pencil piece.

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